Thursday, July 05, 2007

Multiplatofrm comparison: Eurogamer gives 360 the edge overall

In a fair comparison on 6 multiplatform titles, Eurogamer digs into a PS3 vs 360 comparison to see which console has the greater benefits.

Overall, the 360 takes the "win" by having online options and/or content as well as not having the console with the dirty ports. The highlight of the PS3's side in the comparison is a slight graphical edge in Elder Scrolls Oblivion, although lacking in up-to-date content. The worst seems to be Splinter Cell: Double Agent, where the lighting, textures, and performance take a hit on the PS3 due to lower system RAM.

To be fair, Splinter Cell has always been better on the Xbox platform, so this may not come as much of a surprise.

The article even mentions some annoyances I've covered before, such as navigating the XMB and non-automatic resolution changes on the PS3. The lack of rumble could be considered bad as well, since the SIXAXIS motion control isn't used effectively on any of the games covered.

Looks like I have to continue to stand by the RRoD'ing console for now.


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