Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Killzone 2 might not suck?

Looks like Crecente has some positive words for the highly-mocked but somewhat anticipated Killzone 2. It sounds like the graphics are better than expected, and we'll be looking at 2GB levels. However, Brian also comments that it's not any one thing that's spectacular, it's a combination of everything.

Maybe the devs will make this game as it should have been the first time? Killzone 1 should have been a cool game...but it was much too repetitive, poorly animated, and lacked presence. With the powers of the PS3, they have plenty of room to fix these problems.

One problem I see is that the Killzone world doesn't really have anything for gamers to latch onto. Halo has Master Chief, Metroid has Samus, but Killzone's baddies and goodies don't have stand-out personalities or dramatic looks. The Hellghast lack the personality variance of Halo's Covenant, that's for sure.

We are seeing the versus comparisons already. Gears vs Killzone and Halo 3 vs Killzone for starters.

I will remain here with one eyebrow cocked.


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