Friday, July 27, 2007

PS3 Futility Chronicles: Heavenly Sword Demo...

All I want to do is download the Heavenly Sword Demo. Apparently, Sony doesn't want me to do that. I HAVE to update first. Great. =\

It seems like every time we decide to use the PS3, there's a system update. Compared to XBL updates, PSN updates are the most annoying process ever, and take 10x as long to do. This time, I was prepared with a USB cable at least; you know, the one I shouldn't need because wireless is supposed to be convenient.

In the time the update took, we downloaded and watched the Resident Evil 5 trailer on XBL. Now I'm trying to get into the Playstation Store...and it's hannnnngggggggiiinnnnnnggggg. Apparently, I have a friend request from a month ago. See how often this thing gets used? Back to XBLA while we wait for the stupid store to come up.

At least Version 1.90 seems to have some good features. Like setting a background...something I've been able to do with the 360 since day one. Oh, and accessing shared media...something I've also been able to do since 2005.

This kind of thing makes RRoD almost worth it. I've wasted more time trying to get fun out of the PS3 than the whole return process of my 360 took.

Final Fantasy better not suck, that's for sure.

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