Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Microsoft finds the brick wall in the bumpy road

Sales are down. Console problems are costing them. PS3 usage exceeded 360 usage last month. Peter Moore is off to EA. More appeal is needed.

It sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? The tables have turned, at least temporarly on the media's take of the 360 vs the PS3. There's been a lot of negativity toward Microsoft as of late, and most of it revolves around the RRoD problems some consumers have had. That includes me and my room mate, although we've not had the problem multiple times individually like others have. Moore does make a great point about checking history when it comes to consoles and hardware issues.

Microsoft has some clean up to do it looks like. I will still stand by the 360 admist these problems, because I still believe it to be the best console all around in this war. XBL, downloadable content, online play, game library, controller, etc. will keep me coming back. Although I do admit that I've lost some tenacity about it.

Keep the games coming MS, and prove to us you'll be a console contender to stay. The rest of this years top line up is a good start. Now get us those reliable 65nm chips in Elite form and wave goodbye to the core!


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