Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Developer unhappy with the Bioshock demo

Nick Renqvist (3DMark developer) over at seems to be bored by the Bioshock demo. This is surprising, seemingly how the general consensus is the game is amazing. Well, besides the idiots at who seem to think there's a problem with the framerate and that everyone should wait for the PS3 version. They must have forgotten about Madden '08. Anyone seen complaints like theirs about Bioshock? I haven't...they're just reaching.

The graphics are good, but not amazing. Some of the water splashes are quite disappointing actually, especially since they made a big deal about realistic water development. Aside from that, the game's environment and enemies are quite believable, so this all becomes pointless nitpicking.

Most likely, this guy would change his tune with the full version of the game. I fairly excited at first, but I wasn't so sure about the game beyond the demo. Once telekinesis is obtained...the game becomes AWESOME. The demo is cut an hour short of finding this amusing plasmid.

Then again, no game can appease everyone. I'm sure RE4 didn't do it for everyone either, and it was rated quite highly.

I'll do a review on Bioshock soon, and I'm guessing that it will get pretty close to MSRP value from me. I've only been able to play for a few hours, but they've been quite enjoyable thus far. I'm guessing it will have plenty of replay value, so I'll say it's "buy" instead of "rent". PC gamers should be happy with it as well, as will PS3 owners whenever the hell they get the game (unannounced at this time).


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