Monday, August 20, 2007

Wii gets defended as "Next Gen". Why? covered a GCDC speech about how the Wii still being "Next Generation" without the graphics.

While I can agree with some of the points presented, I still feel that the Wii fails to invigorate experienced gamers. The Wii's purpose is proving to be fulfilled; new gamers are being spawned continuously by the allure of "new and simple" that the Wii provides. I'll be quick to admit that it's awesome that anyone can come over and instantly share a gaming experience, even if they aren't gamers.

But isn't the idea behind a term such as "next generation" supposed to imply forward movement with games? The problem with the current Wii library is that most games are failing to show forward movement; they are just games with forced-in "waggle controls". This might be fine for those who know nothing of gaming, but those of us who scour gaming news expect a bit more. We can only hope this changes.

I try to imagine the turning point scene in "The Darkness" on the Wii. The graphics would be limited and the facial expression would be very lacking. The lighting would be unrealistic, and many moments wouldn't have the full effect. That kind of story-telling is really best presented with characters are realistic as possible.

One thing I've noticed, is that as we get better graphics, gaming charcters are easier to get attached to. Stepping back and looking at Cloud, Tifa, and Aeris on the PS1 just doesn't have the same effect as it did ten years ago. We expect more in the graphical department whether Wii-heads think so or not.

Not to say that there weren't some great games last generation that worked through the limitations greatly. Indigo Prophecy, God of War, Ninja Gaiden, Halo 2, and Resident Evil 4 were stellar examples. But even comparing RE4 to the RE5 trailer...the new game looks to be twice as intense. Improved graphics, physics, and AI are going to bring that intensity. I have yet to feel "intense" on a Wii game.

Don't get me wrong, the Wii is great machine, and the medium itself is not a failure. But after all I've said about how much I abhor the PS3, we are starting to the play the PS3 more than the Wii. Not by a lot, but the Wii is becoming that cardgame we pull out when friends come over for drinks.

Isn't gaming supposed to be more than that?

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Anonymous Dapper Dan said...

i personally can't stand the wii. i continuously see people buy it and come back repeatedly looking for games. that's the big problem to me, there aren't any games! also, i am kind of a graphics whore so the wii doesn't really appeal to me on any front.

8:58 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Seriously. Wii Sports is great, but it doesn't have the replay value of something like Halo 2 or anything.

I think if they successfully pull of Metroid 3, then I will praise the console again. I'm extremely disappointed at the lack of online multiplayer though.

Games is a big problem...we're just not seeing anything else using the new controls that is successful. Slap a similar remote on the PS3 or the 360, and the Wii becomes useless (besides 1st party games). The console itself isn't anything special.

I think we're best off considering the Wii as non-PS3/360 competition. Because it really is it's own thing.

3:23 PM  

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