Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Xbox 360: The Darkness Review

Not too long ago, I praised The Darkness Demo for gripping my attention. When the game came out, I made sure to purchase it at my earliest convenience.

As the demo relayed, this is a solid game all around. While the FPS elements aren't all that new, the story and Darkness powers more than make up for them. Actually, I think that's what makes this game fun is that it gives the player options. Do you want to be boring and just shoot the bad guys? Do you want to impale them at point blank with a tentacle? Do you want to sneak up on them with the creeping dark? How about all of it? Play it how you want.

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The Darkness isn't perfect though. The darkling AI is highly questionable. For example, if an enemy is below, the Gunner will try to shoot directly at the enemy through the floor and miss. They won't always do what you want, either.

While the graphics are pretty good, some of the shadowing from the lighting engine doesn't work well with Jackie's face. We have seen quite a bit of the gritty shadows in these new games though, so the developer shant be singled out.

Other issues involve not being able to skip pointless mini-cutscenes and a multitude of one-liner NPC's.

These problems are far from deterent, though. Most of your time will be spent engaging foes, which is where the fun is. And the game is just long enough to not be too repetitive or boring. The story was executed quite well, and the turning event in the game will make FF7's "super sad moment" seem laughable.

Multiplayer isn't a keeper, but be sure to experience this game at least one run through. It'll be worth it.

The Light:
-Darkness powers and darklings kick ass
-Story is well presented and memorable
-In-firefight executions are simply brutal

The Darkness:
-Darkling and enemy AI needed improvement
-Firearm selection is limited
-Cutscenes between travel can get annoying

Resembles/Feels like:
Slightly like playing an ALIEN in AvP2 while having firearms. It mostly feels like a new experience.

Rent or Buy: Rent
Personal Appraisal: $39.99
MSRP: $59.99

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"A game worth playing" from pocket change @ (PS3 version)


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