Friday, August 17, 2007

Blu-ray to kill HD-DVD, even though it shouldn't?

There's no question in my mind that HD DVD is a fundamentally better product. If it were up to the true videophiles to decide, it probably would be gaining a lot more traction. However, for the first time in a heated format war, the core audience is not the video enthusiast group that's deciding. -Mark Raby,

In the overall scheme of things, the principles behind HD-DVD are better than Blu-ray. Standards, quality, features, familiarity, embedded and double-sided dual-format discs, etc. Even the player pricing is much more consumer-oriented than Blu-ray.

The assumption right now is that the PS3 owners are calling the shots. Even I'm guilty of throwing money in the Blu-ray pool (although I'm unlikely to do it again anytime soon). Gaming and videophiling are completely different, but when it comes down to it, Blu-ray being parasitic to the PS3 seems to be working. Not so much for the console, but for the format alone. Consumers have shown that they don't care to mess with attachments, as necessary with the Xbox 360.

Then again, videophiles are voting for HD-DVD judging from player sales. Is it too early to make the call? I think so. The PS3 has yet to gain proper footing. It's several hit games away from success, and it will be a long road there.

Meanwhile, there's a huge collection of Blu-ray movies that don't even have an interactive menu screen comparable to DVD. -Mark Raby,

Raby offers HD-DVD advice to the marketers. He says get some exclusive games on HD-DVD. Get into DVRs. Get into multifuction TVs (ed. probably a good start). Get into the 360. HD-DVD doesn't have to die off now, but we should hope that they turn this around and take the throne.


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