Thursday, August 23, 2007

PS3's best features aren't gaming....WTF (DVR peripheral)

I don't know about you, but the PS3 just seems to be getting more pathetic.

I'm glad it is "future proof" and everything, and while it's cool that it's getting DVR functionality (with software and peripheral addtion), it still has severe problems being a game machine.

The best cited reason for the console is Blu-ray playback. Great, fantastic, but I didn't NEED a Blu-ray player to begin with. I don't care about being able to install's cute and everything, but nearly worthless. So is web browsing...I'll use my computer, thanks. All of the non-gaming things the PS3 does sound great on paper, but really don't make me feel good about purchasing what I thought was a gaming machine.

What I need are games I can't get elsewhere. So far, that just hasn't happened. If Resistance was supposed to be some super-amazing game that made me fall in love with the PS3, it failed (Bioshock and Halo 3 wipes the floor with it). Ninja Gaiden Sigma is very attractive, and it plays well. It also played well the last 2 times I played it on the original Xbox. Any other game worth mentioning is already on the Xbox 360 with better online features and smoother play. It's really difficult to care about the hoo's and ha's when it's all talk and no show time and time again with the PS3.

Even though we are still in year one of the PS3's life cycle, expectations were already higher. They had a year more to refine the system software and get solid on the games in development. It didn't really seem like the time helped, which is probably one of the biggest disappointments.

I think about my first year with the 360 and how amazing it was. Dead Rising, Burnout Revenge, Condemned, Splinter Cell: DA, Prey, Call of Duty 2, Gears of War, etc. A few of those were on the last generation of consoles, but stepping back to SD graphics showed that it was time to move on. Even this second year with Guitar Hero II, Lost Planet, the Darkness, a solid Tiger Woods, Bioshock, FEAR, and a pile of great XBLA games leaves me wondering if I'll ever have this much fun with the PS3.

2008 will be a decisive and super competitive year. Hopefully the Wii and the PS3 will balance out and alleve this frustration. My biggest wish is for my PS3 to be a gaming machine instead of that Blu-ray player I don't care about.


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