Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's Official: Bioshock Rocks (Xbox 360 version review)

Remove any doubts from your brain that Bioshock is "just another FPS". Disregard the naysayers that think the demo wasn't impressive. Just shut up and dive into Rapture.

What is Bioshock? I'd call it more of a First Person Survival game. Almost everyone and everything is against you. Any abilities you acquire will come to good use to survive.

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The game progresses well; just when you get comfortable with your setup, you get a new upgrade or plasmid that you'll need to learn and use quickly. When you think you've got the hacking down, it gets harder.

When you are instructed to face your first Big Daddy, it's definitely a moment. After all the trailers, pictures, and sound already know you are in for a fight. And you will likely pay even more than you thought, as these enemies are relentless should you affront them. Arm yourself to the teeth and get that Adam (special currency for genetic upgrades).

The best part so far is how many options Bioshock gives a player to handle a situation. I found myself telekinetically picking up a box of shotgun shells and hurling it at an enemy's head to kill them. The irony there is quite hilarious. Whether you want to melee, use the elements, pummel with objects, poison, or a combination, the option is yours.

The game isn't perfect, but no game really is. I've seen some Big Daddies stuck in doors and some pop-in. Sometimes you can catch an object floating in midair. The water isn't really convincing when it is splashing, but otherwise it is quite beautiful. The controls work very well for the most part, although you may find yourself wasting a first-aid kit or eve-replenishment here and there. The lack of multiplayer might disappoint at first, but the single player experience "should be" involving enough.

The gameplay mostly erases any of the minor concerns above. It's been a while since I've caught myself playing a game too long. I had to force myself to go to bed last night, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten any sleep. The achievements combined with said gameplay will bring me back for a few replays. I can tell I'm not going to want to be done with the game by the time it's over.

Overall, this game is a must play. Even my FPS-inept room mate was able to play the game and enjoy it. Go pick up your copy; you won't regret it.

Genetic superabilities:
-Plenty of fighting variety
-Plasmids offer a unique overall gameplay
-Environment setting and exploration done well

Might cause drowning:
-No multiplayer
-Small graphical disappointments (water splashes, leg-test failure)
-Not always perfectly clear what is going on

Resembles/Feels like:
A strategy FPS where shooting is the lamest way to play; the focus is on magic-type abilities with guns as a supplement.

Rent or Buy: Buy
Personal Appraisal: $59.99
MSRP: $59.99

Other opinions:
9.0/10.0 @ Gamespot
10/10 @ Destructoid
5/5 stars @


Anonymous Dapper Dan said...

awesome review, i am going after the achievements myself. i started the game on hard and didn't die from the difficulty yet. i did however kill myself on accident after i got telekinesis. i picked up a huge propane tank and threw it at the wall, killing myself and my two hacked bots. lol

12:31 PM  

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