Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Phil Harrison getting better at interviews: expects less 360 to PS3 ports

Phil Harrison had a long-winded yet solid interview with gamedaily that's worth a read.

Here's some highlights:

[on 360 to PS3 ports] We are clearly demonstrating the PS3 is capable of some amazing things [... We're convincing 3rd parties that their] games will shine on the platform. [...] They started to work on Xbox 360 before they did on PS3; they got some tools and technology and know-how established on the format before PS3. That situation will reverse fairly quickly organically, [... We'll not only be supporting our 1st party but we'll be] supporting third parties as well – all third parties.

[on 360 warranty issue] I don't think I need to add to their situation by making any comment on that. I think it's a very difficult situation for them and I'm sure they're working hard to overcome it. A hundred dollars per unit sold is a big reserve.

There's more but I'm being blocked (which is annoying as hell). Anyway, his answers are a lot more thoughtful and far from childish. It's a good read, even if you are a 360 elitist.


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