Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bioshock vs Halo 3: Worthless debate

I couldn't imagine what they would attempt to use for comparison when pitting these two dissimilar games against each other at gamesradar.

I'll get it out of the way: the in-game story behind Bioshock is better than Halo 3's. There really isn't any room for argument with that point. The Halo Universe is expansive outside of the games though, but saying such isn't fair to Bioshock as there's a lot of detail we may never know about in the small contained world of Rapture.

Other than that, the gameplay is on different levels. Bioshock is purely a single player experience that is meant to be over-involving of one person. Halo 3 is multiplayer at it's finest, and still has it's own type of weapon variety and game pacing. They really cannot be compared because they are both good, but the reasons are different.

The most important point I will make: Will we be playing Bioshock 6 months from now? No, without multiplayer several "campaign" playthroughs will wear thin. What about Halo 3? Definitely! The multiplayer is what makes Halo iconic, and the replay value is phenominal.


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