Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blu-ray and HD-DVD get owned - Another 1TB op-disc

And then we can have SUPER HD! Ya know, it's the next step above the supposed FULL HD. Or maybe it will be KING HD, like bed sizing! Behold the resolution glory that is 4320q!

Anyway, engadget informs us of yet another optical disc format. This one appears to be transparent, uses a red laser, and can currently store up 1TB of data. A blue-laser version is expected to hold 5TB of data.

Since the PS3 camp can't get enough of Blu-ray discs, just imagine how nuts they could get with this? They could start adding the most ridiculous inaudible frequency ranges of all sounds! It's not just uncompressed, it's super-expanded into 2000.4 surround sound! Or they could add specs of C4 for the ultimate copy-protection! BLAM, Pirate! They could even cram extra pixels in there for fun, with in-texture advertising! Just think, thousands of Unreal Tournament 7'd never have to play the same one twice!

Imagine the possibilities!


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