Friday, August 24, 2007

Valve developer thinks Cell Processor was poorly thought out

Gabe Newell of Valve (Half Life) had some words:

"I don't think they spent nearly enough time talking to developers when they were developing the PS3," he said. "It's less friendly for developers."

"It's a hardware architectural problem. I don't think they thought through the Cell architecture. The hardware is only as good as the software it enables."

He also mentions that Sony should have followed in Intel's footsteps when it comes to multicore processing. They had run many simulations with existing code before finalizing the Core 2 architecture.

While we here PS3 advocates (consumers and developers) chant "challenge is good" and "potential", one has to question if those expectations are practical. The prominent publishers/developers aren't just making one game at a they really have time to waste focusing on one console with some unproven architecture?

Most likely, the best stuff we'll see out of the PS3 will be from 1st party Sony games. With the 360, that isn't the case...most of it will be 3rd party. That has to say something.

Also worth mentioning is that Newell bashes Microsoft's lack of motivation on "Games for Windows". I'd have to agree...what the hell is MS trying to accomplish there? It seems like fluff on top of the same old, just like their current operating system.


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