Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gabe Newell: DirectX 10 exclusivity a mistake

Our resident Valve employee had some words about DirectX 10 being Vista-only. The Vista userbase is quite small, and doesn't seem to be rising very much. What does that mean? Developers aren't going to be so quick to adopt the new version since they can't rely on Vista sales.

Personally, I don't think Microsoft anticipated this much resistance to a new version of Windows. But they brought it on themselves if you think about it. They had us used to 1-2 year upgrades, and then there was a 5 year wait for Vista. Everyone is comfortable with XP, and Vista isn't shining through as expected.

An even bigger problem is that we are going to have to forgo more backwards compatibility in Windows if we want to truly move forward. And they might need to result to some type of emulation that doesn't intermix old and new directly. It's going to be tough...much more so than the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD war.


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