Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tara Nielsen and Final Fantasy

Misfortune has plundered our everyday grind. One of the greatest loves of my life passed away on Friday...breaking many hearts and saddening many friends.

It almost feels like a Final Fantasy story.

Like books, movies, and events, gaming can definitely stir up emotions. The stories and characters in any form of entertainment can represent our memories and the associated feelings. I wish more people were able to experience the moving stories we come across in gaming. It's one thing to read it or see it, but in a game, you participate, you are there.

I was dating Tara at the turn of the century. I'll never forget playing through Final Fantasy VIII at the time. The struggle between Squall and Rinoa reminded me the efforts it took for Tara and I to get together in the first place. Embarassingly enough, the roles were a bit reversed though; I put forth the effort and Tara was the difficult one.

Memories really struck when playing Final Fantasy X. Lulu had the same personality and look of Tara. Dark and tortured goth look? Check. Semi-bitchy attitude, but hot enough to get away with it? Check. Story-wise, Lulu had lost the man that treated her well, and ended up finding someone to make her happy. I always had hoped that Tara would find happiness. She was such a unique and misunderstood individual.

In dedication to Tara, I've decided to get my first tattoo. It will be of Lulu on the outside of my right thigh. This is where Tara got her last tattoo a few weeks ago, so I figure it would be fitting on multiple counts.

There's so many good memories to hang on to, and I'll be sure to do that. I hope that everyone takes appropriate time to communicate their feelings to friends, family, and significant others. Never put it off, because you never know when a tragedy might occur.

Tara, we all love you dearly and will miss you everyday.

Never forget those who have touched your soul:
R.I.P. Tara Nielsen 2/2/83 - 8/24/07


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