Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Comments on Wii fit and Nintendo "ignoring" the gamers

I was reading Game Informer's disappointing experience with Nintendo's E3 presentation this morning. NintendoWiiFanboy seemed glum about it as well. Joystiq had a similar disgruntled experience at LGC07.

The consensus seems that Nintendo is shying away from actual gamers in lieu of non/new-gamers. This especially has to do with the lack of games that cater to more experienced players. Said experienced players are casting "Worry More" on themselves.

I'm not sure what "hardcore" gamers expected. Nintendo tried to stay in the game with the N64 and the Gamecube. While those consoles weren't complete failures, they made Nintendo seem to drop off the grid. As soon as Nintendo broadened their audience, they became a gaming company again, just not the kind we remember. Now anyone can play their products, especially the Wii. As a company, they should unfocus on the hardcore and move on to the greater populous where growth potential lies. It's in their best interest, and I support them in it.

Wii Fit has been the subject of much of this whining. I don't see why; the idea is absolutely brilliant. Exercise is generally a boring time consuming activity. It begs for video game assistance to make it fun. I've wondered why no company has been successful in making an exercise game, aside from the ever-popular DDR (which isn't for everyone). Just think of the new years resolutions you could go for with Wii fit!

I don't know about you, but I assumed that the Wii wouldn't be a core gaming machine. I never expected to play it everyday to fulfill my gaming desires. It was just something to do to take a [short] break from the other stuff. I'm starting to think that more people should take the same stance as well. For serious gaming, there's the 360 and the PS3. For everything else, there's the Wii.

Edited 09/07/2007: Updated links again. Confused LGC07 and E3.
Edited 09/06/2007: Spelling corrections and link added.


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