Thursday, September 06, 2007

Jumbled up cleanup: XBL > PSN exclusives; more FF7:CC

How's that for some unrelated subjects! I just need to clean out my "write about these" articles. So I'm going to mish mash them together like jelly and concrete...err... To exacerbate this subject salad, we'll add a format war article in there, too!

Math has come into play when it comes to evaluating the online exclusives game between XBL and PSN. Getting to the point, XBL has 61 to PSN's paltry 23. These numbers also include unreleased items to date (16 and 12 respectively).

XBLA has over three times more than PSN. And as a cherry on top, half of them have a Metascore of 75 or over. A measly three of PSN’s eleven releases can boast the same.

Why is this important? Peter Dille was quick to dismiss the competition as only rehashing legacy games. The numbers say otherwise, Peter. Worth mentioning though is that a few of PSN's titles are quite ambitious, like LittleBigPlanet. We'll see how those fair.

In a completely different world, where Final Fantasy is the only game ever, we're getting more coverage on FF7:CC. Check out the extended trailer. Then check out how Zack is the new-old Cloud. My PSP is crying waiting for this game. *play me, PLAY ME*

And on an end-note, more writers have decided that the format war is in a disgusting stalement, regardless of either side's claims.

"If anything, the confusion created by the lack of a standard has made more people in the mass market not want to pay attention to the subject," Taylor said. "It makes them not want to care."


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