Friday, October 05, 2007

Painful RSS feeds, Halo 3 skull/terminal/legendary tips

Well, I can peruse my RSS feeds, but I can't mark them to be read later. I've not had time to find a new way to organize how I'll go about reading and writing about the news I'd like to cover!

Anyway, while waiting for various software and updates to install on my refreshed PC, I had plugged my 360 into my right-monitor's auxiliary input. I decided to go for Halo 3 on Legendary. It took a few nights, but I finally completed it last night. Talk about patience! There was more than one instance where I had to use a Ghost from afar to take down Wraiths and Brutes in order to have a chance.

I did somewhat cheat on the doorway to the cartographer on the last level. I was tired of plowing through the flood only to get randomly blown up or assassinated from behind when jumping away from an assailant. I decided to hide underneath the ramps that go up to the entryway (that G. Spark locks you out of) and let Arbiter kill most of the flood. I did get attacked a couple of times, but it was much more manageable, especially at 2 AM with bloodshot eyes.

I've accessed all the terminals and obtained all the skulls (gold and silver) as well. If anyone wants help finding or getting these, hit me up on XBL. We can just grab them in online co-op.

Two things on those: You have to start from the beginning of the level for both terminals and the skulls. You do NOT have to play the game all the way through nor get them in order.

When accessing the terminals, you have to wait until the text errors out and a new log is accessed. This has to be done on all 7 terminals. Cycle through all of the don't have to read them if you don't want. I didn't find them particularly interesting.

Once you find the skull or terminal and grab/access it, you can save and quit. Note that not all skulls give achievements or indicate anything special. Just pick it up, hold it for a second, and throw it away.

Hope that helps someone!


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