Monday, October 08, 2007

Sony reminds us why they suck...(goodbye BC)

Before even pointing you to the article, I want to make note as to how Sony continues to defile all the worthless arguments that were pointed in my direction of their support.

100% BC was a huge ordeal, as Sony zealots would opine at how much the Xbox 360 sucked because it didn't have 100% BC. Well, the PS3 didn't either. Guitar Hero? Forget it...unless you want to buy an adapter and forgo hammer-ons and pull-offs and the tilt function. Splinter Cell, were rumble is required to play the game (pick locks)? No, not until they recently rescinded their harsh comments about rumble being "last gen technology" that they didn't need.

So now they have a 40GB PS3 that doesn't have BC at all. Hmmm. They step back on their words yet again. Remember when Phil said that BC was a core function? Well, now it's not a priority.

This reminds me of the time when people insisted to me that the PS3 wasn't going to launch over $400. They were wrong on that. Wrong on 100% BC. Wrong on saying the 360 wouldn't get JRPGs. And last but not least, wrong on the graphics portion (to date, hopefully for Sony this changes somewhere in the next couple of years).

Sony got cocky, just like Nintendo did with the N64. All it does is leave their competitors products more appealing. Thankfully for us, Nintendo made a comeback. Microsoft is doing well, but they better work on their hardware issues. At least they are backing up their product, unlike Sony did with the DRE PS2 failures.


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