Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What is your Wii story?

All is daisies and roses according to Nintendo. Everyone has a "Wii Story". I know I have one.

"The Wii was captivating for about two months. We'd never been around anything like Wii Sports. We tired quickly, and found that the Wii doesn't have much else going for it. We continued to buy games such as Sonic and Tiger Woods, but were highly disappointed by questionable controls and related frustrations. No game since Wii Sports has had an impact (unfortunately, that includes MP3), and the console has been left to gather dust in place of it's competitor's products."

I really liked the Wii when it came out...but all of the games I've played on it since have been huge disappointments and extremely frustrating because of inaccurate controls. Metroid Prime seems fun, but it cannot eclipse Bioshock or Halo 3 anytime soon. MP3 was really the only game I was originally interested in, so I'm a bit sad my Wii rig goes unused.

My parents would love to have it though; that I guarantee.


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