Monday, October 22, 2007

I told you wireless sucks in general.

Anyone caring about their privacy, said Mr Weinmann, should not use WEP to stop others using their wi-fi hotspot.

Problem: most home users that buy a router have no idea how to set it up.

I'm often left shaking my head in dismay when I'm on a laptop and Windows XP gleefully shows me all the available wireless networks. Finding SSIDs such as "Linksys" or "Netgear" with no security enabled is way more common than it should be. This is similar to leaving your front door open and letting any passerby into your house.

Problem: even those who setup WEP "security" on their wireless routers are still highly vulnerable to unwanted burglars.

BBC news has an article bring WEP's easily exploitable weakness to light. Most wireless hardware does not yet support the newer WPA security method, which is much safer than WEP. Check out the article for more.

Problem: Encrypting wireless requires extra processing which can negatively affect your connection, meaning unreliable online games.

In order to attempt to protect yourself, some sacrifice must be made when it comes to wireless. Time has to be wasted encrypting and decrypting traffic. In the long run, is the "convenience" of wireless really worth it?

The more I am forced to use wireless connections for work, the less I like them. Reliabilty cannot be substituted with convenience without consequence. Remember that.


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