Monday, October 29, 2007

Will Wright says Wii is "the only next gen console"

Will Wright says his 360 gathers dust and it, like the PS3 are just "better" versions of the last, nothing new. The Wii is a "Major Jump" to him he says, just because it hits up a new demographic. While there is truth to the "demographic" part, I can't really agree with anything else he says. He is a PC-player though, so do we value anything he says anyway?

Personally, I thought the hoo-rah for the Wii was on the way out. What is coming out for it that's really that exciting? I mean, I'll buy Wii Fit...but other than that...I'm not really looking forward to anything else on it. I never enjoyed Smash Brothers, and while Mario Galaxy looks interesting, I'm certainly not anticipating it.

Is there life after Wii Sports? It's hard for me to say. We just haven't had any inkling to play the Wii around here at all. I've yet to even play my beloved Metroid Prime 3. Halo 3's release pretty much killed that idea for now. And the now-back-catalog and upcoming catalog for the 360 isn't leaving much room to care about one or two potentially interesting exclusives for the PS3 and Wii.

I'd say my gaming-status makes me biased, but my non-gamer friends and family aren't particularly attached to the Wii either. They enjoy Wii Sports and Guitar Hero, but I'm sure they would enjoy Scene It! as well. I think having the "right" demographicked games are more important than the control scheme or media features.


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