Monday, October 22, 2007

Yet another XFPS mouse/keyboard/PS2 adapter

Maxconsole spotlights the XCM XFPS 360 Sniper Edition. From black to white to green, this little handy adapter seems to be fairly popular to justify continued development.

I still have my original XFPS, although I admit that I only use it for the PS2 adapter with XBLA games. Why? The 360 d-pad sucks. A lot. The mouse and keyboard feature is cute and all, but the keyboard part is awful. If only SplitFish's FragFX was available for the 360...

On a side note, I tried the EdgeFX with my XFPS. The double conversion seems to cause some aggravating hiccups to an otherwise perfect control scheme.

Anyway, the new promises of better sensitivity and accuracy will have m-and-k enthusiasts with a large watchful eye.


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