Thursday, October 25, 2007

GH3 lost that rockin' feeling?

I played the Guitar Hero 3 demo last night, and I was a little disappointed. It didn't feel right; some of the new graphics and animations seem to have lost their oomph. Don't get me wrong, more advantage was taken of the HD capabilities of the 360.

I think the problem is that it is completely obvious that Harmonix didn't make this game. It feels disconnected compared to its predecessors. Between the lackluster few-framed lightning animation indicating star-power to the seems-like-a-high-school-kid-designed it "You Rock!" animation...I'm a bit disenchanted.

It's not enough to prevent my purchase of the game, because the new track list is pretty hot. It'll be worth it just for that, but it leaves me longing more for Rock Band.


Anonymous Se[BBB]e said...

Dude, I so agree with this post. It's spot on. I also have a difficulty pinpointing anything, but it's definitely lost it's feel. It doesn't have the magic touch.

I played the 360 demo, but I've got the PS2 version of the full game, and the graphics are just awful. They're plain ugly, and the animations are REALLY stiff. When I played on my 360 I thought the gfx were cool, but the completely ruin what little's left of the fun on the PS2...

I cant wait for Rock Band either =D

4:34 PM  

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