Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gamestop Losing Money on 360 Replacement Plans?

One would think that one of the console manufacturers would get it right. Sony gets shafted by devs and shafts consumers with pricing. Microsoft can't keep their consoles running. Nintendo's Wii feels more like a flash in the pan nowadays, lacking much for interesting titles.

If only we could combine the best of all three worlds.

Anyway, let's point out Microsoft's bad today. Gamestop will no longer be offering replacement plans on Xbox 360s. Rocket scientists everywhere are saying, "Duh!" It's sad to say, but the console with the best collection of this-gen games isn't winning any reliability rewards. Hell, I'm still waiting for my shipping box for my DOA 120GB HDD.

Hardware Reliability + Good Customer Service + A lot of Quality Games + Reasonable pricing = Happy customers. I know. It's a scary equation.


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