Monday, November 12, 2007

Scene-It! vs Buzz!???

In yet another spam mail, I see that Sony is bringing a popular European series in to compete with Scene-It! Suddenly, we can see where the 360 controllers were derived from. Everyone loves borrowing ideas from each other.

Maybe it's just me, but the black versions of this controller concept don't look as appealing. I'd like to try Buzz! regardless. Quiz games are always fun even though I'm not good at near-worthless knowledge (like movie details). However, it would seem that Buzz! will offer a better variety in questions.

Scene-It! is one of those games that begged to be on a console in order to concentrate on the clips and the screen rather than your DVD remote and a shoddy gameboard. How do they stack up?

IGN says:
8/10 Buzz! The Mega Quiz
7/10 Scene It?

*Ironically, a Buzz! ad was embedded in the page for the Scene-It? review.
7.5/10 Scene It?8.1/10 Buzz! The Mega Quiz

It seems that Buzz! seems to be a little bit better received. I'm going to say that both are great group games judging from the reviews. Either way, get ready to flex your "mind".


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