Saturday, November 10, 2007

Xbox 360: Clive Barker's Jericho Review

Some games don't care about your opinion. They contain content that does and says what its creators felt was appropriate. And it's done unapologetically.

Jericho is one of those games.

Unfortunately for the expectant consumer, this doesn't always work as intended. Jericho delivers some things well, and some things not at all. This is probably why we'll see mixed reviews for this game with no general consensus. But maybe that just means it really is art. So who "gets it"?

Denying that Jericho's presentation is top-tier would be deserving of masticated entrails. The atmosphere is quite perfect giving the game's circumstances, and the horror-movie nuances are all present. Topping that off with mostly solid graphics, frames, and animations almost sealed the deal.

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While the overall graphics may not directly compare with the likes of Gears of War, this game holds it own. Between mood-setting lighting in already dank environments, and detailed enemies, we have a playable art-form here.

The FPS-nature of this game blasts players in the face and may be surprising even after playing the demo. Enemies are relentless, and most of the offense seems to be via bullet, while the magic portions end up being mostly defense and tactical. The developers did a respectable job in requiring the use of all the squad members, although most gamers will likely stick with their favorite(s).

Unfortunately, Jericho's bad points are quite notable. The lack of co-op and multiplayer does disappoint. Even with all the visual flair, the game may not have the scare-tactics that gamers might be expecting. The jumbled story, and lack-of-an-ending show that the ball wasn't so much dropped as it was severely mishandled. Even with achievements, there isn't much for replay value here, which is sad granted the game's stellar presentation.

Jericho is definitely worth a playthrough. Those who enjoy the experience will have to settle for going after achievements to get the most from the game. There's some hilarious lines delivered that I'm sure a few dark souls will be quoting amongst friends. It does a good job of providing familiar FPS action with a few added twists. Whether renting or buying, make sure to give this game a chance.


I am surprised that the advertising campaign for this game was so limited. Personally, I hope to see a problems-fixed sequel.

Bleeding the "right" way:
-Commendable graphical presentation
-Interesting FPS concepts/mechanics
-Intense firefights and overall action

Missed the spiritual boat:
-No multiplayer or Co-op
-Convoluted Story without an ending
-Limited replay value

Rent or Buy: Rent or Bargain Bin Buy
Personal Appraisal: $39.99*
MSRP: $59.99

*I wanted to appraise this game higher, but the presence of recent highly-lauded games such a Bioshock, Halo 3, and Orange Box in the same price range, it can't compete in value.

Other opinions:
6.5/10 @
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