Saturday, December 08, 2007

10 7 things wrong with the PS3

To compliment the last post, I'll review the 10-list against the PS3 from the same source.

#1 Price: Yes, the PS3 is expensive. It does do a lot, but unless Blu-ray is more important than gaming, then it's not worth it. The $400 model out now makes it more digestible if you don't care about the BC that Sony bragged about this whole time.

#2 Marketing Madness: The advertising for Playstation in general has gone south. It's been full of over-ambitious crap even before the console was released. Plenty of lies and sweeping things under the rug. And the television advertising is confusing and unfocused.

#3 SIXAXIS: No rumble and useless motion controls. No game has taken good advantage of the motion controls; they need a game to succeed like Wii Sports did. SIXAXIS does have fantastic battery life and the best d-pad, but the form-factor is dated for today's analog-stick-dependent games. It's great for those who aren't ready to move on, but the 360 controller and Wii Remote/Nunchuck far surpass it.

#4 No Gamerscore: Although I like the gamerscore idea, this won't matter to anyone who doesn't get into online play and competition among their peers. I think the Achievements themselves are what shines, not the gamerscore. I find the challenge of some of the achievements motivating enough to get more replay value than normal. Home should fix this issue. I'm going to subtract this from the list. -1 from the 10-list

#5 Holding out on Developers: Expensive dev kits, lesser tools, slow to provide kits and support. I would subtract this from the list, but it affected the console by leading to delayed games and shoddy ports that make the competition shine.

#6 System Updates Suck: Amen. Amen a lot. In the face. They hit the nail on the head here. Updating the PS3 is the most difficult of all three systems. They did finally fix the having-to-connect-the-USB-cable problem, but the whole process is a joke when the 360 updates itself fast and the Wii can update itself or be updated manually with minimal clicks.

#7 40GB SKU with no BC: Yes, this seemed like a dumb move, but I can't say it's a problem. It doesn't compare to the idiotic introduction of the 360 Core system in stupidity. BC is nice, but games are still better played on their originating consoles. Notice that the 360 BC complaints died down? This shouldn't be on the list, because it fixes #1, which was a real issue! -1 from the 10-list

#8 Middleware issues: This is the consequence of moving to far away from what Developers have time for and are trained in. Remember that they were able to make due with the PS2's "emotion engine", which was also out there. However, the tables have turned because of the 360's early introduction. With the way the industry works now, Sony didn't dump enough into development to make their oddball processor manageable before the reputation damage was done.

#9 Online: This should be clarified. They say the online navigation is fugly in comparison. The navigation is bad, but it does look nice. Unfortunately, trying to jazz up the visual presentation comes at the cost of speed. And slower-to-render pages leave for an annoyed consumer. It's also more difficult to surf through content in the Playstation Store compared to the Marketplace. Even Nintendo's Virtual Console store is more effective. Again, they couldn't be more right on this one.

#10 Alienating hardcore gamers: I don't know about this one...I think that hardcore gamers are the only gamers interested in the console. It costs too much for a family experience like the Wii, and it's too complicated for your average consumer. I'm taking this one off. -1 from the 10-list

There you have it. 7 bads for both he 360 and the PS3.


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