Saturday, December 08, 2007

Red Octane getting mouthy on Rock Band Guitars

Before I even comment on Red Octane puffing their chest out, I'm going to give my opinion on the Rock Band guitar vs the Guitar Hero guitar.

Is the Guitar Hero 3 controller better than the Rock Band controller? Overall, I'd say yes. I've since rescinded my foul perception of wireless and have decided it is the way to go for the game. The controller feels solid, good plastic, good button response, and it comes apart for storage.

The one failing of the GH3 Les Paul is that the pickbar shape, like every other Red Octane controller, sucks. The triangular design is nothing like a pick, and it can't be used effectively WITH a pick. The pickbar is solid and usable, but a thinner, easier-to-hold bar is much more effective.

The Rock Band guitar is usable, but it has plenty of issues. The plastic looks ridiculously cheap. While the button design was a good idea, it is not friendly to chord changes because its easier to accidentally press the wrong button in transition. To add to that: the cord seems short, the whammy bar juts out too far, and the pick bar feels sloppy.

Good points on the Rock Band guitar: the solo buttons and the pickbar shape. While it takes some getting used to, the solo buttons don't require picking and make faster passages easier. As far the pickbar, it's shape makes way for the use of an actual pick, which has helped me immensely on triplets. This is almost impossible to do precisely with the Guitar Hero controller.

Looking back at the road ahead, it appears that Red Octane shows no interest making the Rock Band controller work with GH3. Essentially, they suggest that problematic controllers aren't worth the effort.


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