Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gotta say something good: PS3 Themes are better

The consensus at loot-ninja is that the PS3 has the better themes. PS3 themes don't cost anything, and the icons are customizable. Even better, there are already sites providing pre-made themes.

On the 360, you can customize the background picture and select a blade style provided out-of the box, or you have to pay for full themes with multiple backgrounds. From there, all you can do is mix and match the blade-backgrounds. The worst part about it is that you can't preview the theme on the 360 before you buy it.

While the importance of themes is very low in my world (I've had the Bullet Witch theme since that game came out), all points of the article are valid.

Note: I decided to go try it out and booted up the PS3. What a mistake. Even with a keyboard and mouse the browser interface drives me nuts. It's slow and awkward. Somethings are just better on a computer.


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