Friday, December 28, 2007

Where the heading "SuicideNinja vs Video Games" comes from

The picture might say it all. Never heard of Bad Dudes? Check out the wikipedia entry. I don't think the source is as obvious as it should have been, and a couple people have asked me about it.

SuicideNinja is obviously my XBL gamertag, and my PSN username is Suicide-Ninja (SuicideNinja is my Europe account I guess...they won't let me switch it). Back when Commodore 64's were still acceptable, I used to go by the moniker of Dragon Ninja. All my custom menu screens and animations were signed with this. Anyway, when I was trying to figure out a graphic and title for this site, the above image popped in my head. Except I wanted Ryu Hayabusa and a wave of video game characters.

And here we are...


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