Friday, December 28, 2007

New slimmed up Zune is calling to me

Okay, I'm going to have to take the non-gaming route for a second. I just have to say that the new nano-shaped Zune is pretty hot. The only reason I wasn't interested in the original Zune is because of size and I don't need 30GB of music.

I'm not a fan of iPods. I have a 4GB Nano which I bought for $20 several months ago (she got a new one). I use it mostly for running, although I slap it in the car on occasion. My girlfriend's Mercedes does have an adapter built in, which is convenient. But all of that doesn't matter. I hate iTunes, and I hate the touch-click-wheel. Why not just a regular d-pad? And why need music software at all? I just want to dump my music on the device and go. I'll buy my music on emusic or something...I don't need Microsoft's or Apple's respective offerings. To make matters worse...try browsing your files on the iPod after iTunes has messed with it. It's ridiculous.

Online, I read that the Zune's software sucks. However, I'm under the impression that you don't have to use their software. Correct me if I'm wrong? If that's the case I'm sold. The FM tuner is a nice thing to have, and the wireless support is an intelligent addition. And I like the design inaccurate touch-sensitive crap.

Edit: The squircle is touch-sensitive come to find, but it still functions as a directional pad. A touch pad does seem better than a touch circle if it has to be there.

If there are any Zune owners, let me know about your love-hate relationship with your non-iPod. My room mate has an original Zune, and he says he will never go back to 'pods. But I'd like more direct opinions.

Edit 12/29: My room mate just purchased an 8GB Zune. It appears that the software is still necessary *looks down in dismay*. The squircle is touch sensitive per direction but can still be used as a tactile control. Since there appears to be a sale at a local store for a 8GB @ $150...I'm seriously considering it. It works with the 360 much better than the iPod, which is awesome.


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