Sunday, December 09, 2007

Upcoming Reviews: SvR 2K8, Drawn to Life, COD4, Mass Effect

My plate is full. Yesterday I acquired several games, so the next month or so should be stuffed with gaming time. Thankfully I was able to price-match Circuit City's $39.99 COD4 offering at Wal-mart. It would have been hard to purchase it at full price knowing that CC's deal existed. Unfortunately, CC's sale ended yesterday for those who missed it.

I've not had a chance to boot into Smackdown vs Raw, but I've played the others for a little bit. Drawn to Life is an interesting concept of "build your own mario" that functions quite well. Mass Effect is gorgeous, and I look forward to checking out the story. COD4 immediately seems worth its unending praise; it is so intense that the game is amazing even just to watch.

The last half of this year has just been a dream for gaming. So many high-profile quality titles have come that it should keep us busy through spring. Halo 3, Mass Effect, COD4, Bioshock, Orange Box, Guitar Hero 3, Rock Band, etc. I'm left relieved that some other high-profile titles have been delayed. We'll need the extra time to get through all of the current titles!


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