Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wii outdoing the PS2 respectively? is puffing its chest out over the above graph. As usual, it looks like we are using statistics from Japan.

I'd have to side with several of the nay-saying commenters on the article though. The Wii seems like it will lack longevity, unless it can show games growing/improving like they did on the PS2. That's kind of hard to do when rehashing a last gen console and not finding more exciting ways to use the flash-in-the-pan motion control. The Wii desperately needs some better games; it's hard to imagine that half-assed party games will suffice for the Wii's lifetime.

Nintendo needs to move more software when it comes down to the wire. Unfortunately, nothing they've released recently or plan to release in the future seems that appealing to someone with the other two consoles. Maybe Wii Fit will be the next big thing.


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