Tuesday, July 29, 2008

EA gets PS3 sales...more than 360

Wow. Where the hell is this PS3 spurt coming from? Will it be short lived?

A couple of good games come out, but the console isn't any better than it was last year. A clunky unfun mess, that desperately needs Home and a new interface. We did finally get rumble controllers at least. Without Final Fantasy as my end-all for the PS3...I'm not sure what to look for now. I'll give Killzone 2, MGS4, and Resistance 2 a try, even if I'm not a fan of their predecessors. What else is it?

I found it funny; a recent Game Informer preview said, "Sixaxis integration is thankfully sparse..." (Issue 183, page 62) It must be accepted that Sony's version of motion control was silly, and used (and over-used) inappropriately by many developers.

Maybe Blu-ray is getting noticed more? I'm still waiting for that perfect Blu-ray movie to blow me away, and validate my 1080p purchase. Suggestions? The best looking HD flick I've seen to date is Batman: Begins...but that was a download rental from Xbox Live. Maybe I'll skip DVD Transformers and give it a whirl?


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