Monday, July 21, 2008

Emails sent, so I'm back.

Talk about a sigh of relief.

I just sent my parting emails to the other blogging sites I was poorly writing for. The idea of working for someone else in the blogging world seemed fantastic at first. Honesty strikes; I had hoped it would help me get to bigger and better things.

Reality counters; I'm in my career field with Information Technology/Systems. I do love writing, and wish I could do it more often. But until it can be a paying venture, I cannot sink a lot of time into it anymore. My new home-life and upcoming demands at work are going to be too time-devouring for me to accomplish anything prominent in digital journalism.

So, it's time to be reabsorbed by my old roots. Blogging here isn't a job. It's fun. And that fun comes with arguing with ridiculous fanboys without reservation. Hell, I've still got plenty of 360 fanboy tendencies, even though the previous vigor for such things has dwindled to mere embers. Now that it's obvious that all three consoles have their place, it should bring about some evolved discussions on the issue.

Or as usual, this place could continue to be the Internet. Flame on, I guess. LOL


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