Monday, July 21, 2008

Dead Rising Wii looks awful, Kicked off EGN?

Check out Wii's Dead Rising screenshots.

I really enjoyed Dead Rising, and it saddens me to see it in it's sickly state on the Wii port.


I noticed today that I no longer have EGN or whatever they were called at this point on my blogger listing. Probably because I haven't written anything for them in ages. The problem is that I can't just focus on Xbox 360. The last couple of crappy articles I've written here have actually been about the other consoles. The next batch will probably be about the 360, but oh well.

Honestly, it was kind of hard to deal with expectations from a non-paying group. It's not their fault, they are young and probably trying really hard. I'm sure some upstarts would be happy to meet their expectations. I'm just not compatible with them right now. In the beginning, I put a concerted effort into blogging for them, but aside from a few third party comments, and praises on my writing, I didn't get much out of it. As a result, I've not heard anything from M80 in a while.

This site is the place I need to be, unless of course I get a part-time paying job at blogging. My gaming motivation is still in recovery mode, as I have several fiascoes at my house to deal with. If anyone from hookedgamers or EGN is reading this, I plan on talking to you shortly. I apologize for not being able to commit, but I really need to stay solo for now and move at my own pace.

For those getting into vg blogging, I would take a lot of care in writing for multiple sites. It is extremely difficult, especially if blogging isn't your source of income. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try if you're motivated though. Just make sure you don't piss off the girlfriend or wife in the process. LOL


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