Monday, June 09, 2008

Xbox's Revenge: 10 worst PS3 ports

I remember being annoyed in noticing that multi-platform releases on the Xbox seemed to suffer in general because of the wussy-specked PS2. After seeing that games like Halo 2 and Ninja Gaiden be gorgeous and possible on the original Xbox, a lot of PS2 games were hard to look at. You could always tell when graphics were dumbed down so they would function on the PS2. Early Splinter Cells and Indigo Prophecy were good examples.

It looks like the PS3 will suffer a similar fate on this iteration. Better graphics performance is still hypothetical as far as the PS3 is concerned, but since the processor is a little bit more capable we'll go along with it. covers a self-proclaimed top 10 360-to-PS3 ports that standardized the term "Epic Fail." FEAR, Splinter Cell, Lost Planet, Tony Hawk, and Orange Box all made the list. The problem with each port is highlighted for each game in the article, so gander on!

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