Monday, April 28, 2008


So after experiencing short burts of the infamous Windows Vista, I wrote it off as a Macinized Windows XP. However, I've not really sat down with it until late.

For learning purposes, I left Vista on my new laptop. Other than IE7 being somewhat unreliable at times, I don't really see any problem with Microsoft's not-so-latest OS. It otherwise runs quite well, and the new organization of menus and the Control Panel are a lot more sensible. The gadgets are a blatant rip from Mac, but they are useful nontheless.

I'm the real problem comes in when you try to install non-Vista software. But what do you really need? I know some people are into downloaded mounds of junk and other things they shouldn't. But if that kind of stuff doesn't work anymore, that isn't really a bad thing.

Since I don't PC game, I don't have much too offer. If I go on another business trip this year, I'll probably buy Halo 2 or Bioshock or something. Maybe even Orange Box, just to test the Vista gaming waters.


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