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The aesthetically boring look of gadgets can always use a little vinyl surgery. Sometimes a single color on a device lacks personality, and other times we just need a custom look that defines an object as our own.

A couple of weeks ago, I was dabbling in reminiscence. My original launch Xbox 360 had such customization. I had the Nyko custom faceplate, and converted an AVP window static cling into a skin for the 360. Photos of the work are available under "Systems" at the right.

It looked alright, but I had to use double-sided sticky tape to keep the skin on. The text on the static cling was also cut off and unappealing. The custom face plate insert I made was okay, but it was the result of being over-creative.

With the 360 Elite upgrade I went with last year, I figured the black would go along with my skinning idea. However, this time I was in the market for a professional product. Several google searches later, I finally came to

As opposed to the usual obnoxious designs at say,, unique skins allow you to create the skin you want first, right on the website. Using either pictures they provide or you upload, you use whatever pictures you want and size them appropriately. Within minutes, I had downloaded some AVP photos and had the design I wanted.

I liked the concept so much that I decided to make me a Bullet Witch Zune as well.

The decals are high quality and glossy. I quickly found that I should have heeded uniqueskins warning on resolution. While the low-res pictures looked great scaled down on the site, they are a little gritty on the final product. However, it's only noticeable on close inspection. If you go this route, use the highest resolution photos you can get!

The only other small issue is that the full console decals are a bit spendy. $25 may seem like a lot, but the product is solid. The Zune was thankfully a mere $6, which I found to be a steal.

Now I have the look I wanted without all the hack-job mess of before. I will post pictures soon.

Would I buy again? Definitely! I recommend for anyone who wants to design their own skin. It's custom, easy, and hassle-free. I'll probably return for a slim PS2 skin next!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The iphone 3G skins suck and only cover 80% of the back of the phone which makes them worthless unless your ok with scratching the other 20% of your phone. I wish I could have my money back. The front should also have been clear to be useful as a cover for the front.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I designed my own gel skin for my MacBook Pro. The edges peel easy as they didn't account for the curves on the laptop. Also the gel is all on one side so the skin is paper thin on one end and about 4-5mm thick on the other. Combine this shoddy product with over 30 day delivery time and terrible customer support. Save your money!

Brutal experience with this company!

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Mable said...

I get mine laptop skin from Uniqueskin too. Still I do not understand why there is no matching wrist rest protector offer from them. End up I finally get the custom wrist rest done from They do offer great variety of design choices and but I prefer to upload my own design(to match with outer skin) as wrist rest protector. Do check out their offer MacBook Skin Styler trackpad & wrist rest protector

3:17 AM  

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