Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm moving in a couple weeks. Guess which consoles are already packed?

In attempt to get a pre-emptive jump on my future migration, I began packing my entertainment items.

To no one's suprise, the first things to go in the bin were the PS3 and the Wii. I can't even remember the last time I seriously played either of these consoles. My mom keeps asking for me to bring the Wii to her house. I told them I'd let them use the PS3 for a Blu-ray player. I'm thinking they can borrow the Wii for a while as well. LOL

I'm not sure why so many people are attached to the Wii (and to a much lesser extent the PS3). The Wii has nothing for games...just recycled mini-game trash. Aside from Wii Sports...I still don't hear any local talk of other games. I still need to finish Metroid Prime, but the control scheme is turning me to other games for now. One of these days I'll grab a PerfectShot and RE: Umbrella Chronicles.

The PS3 is a capable system, but it doesn't feel like a games system. It feels like a geek toy, much like the PSP. Aweseome capabilities, but too slow, awkward and lacking in the fun department. I still scan the PS3 sections at stores and don't see anything that's not on the 360 that I want. For some reason, I'm going to buy a rumble controller anyway...and not use it. *sigh*

So the PS3 and Wii are wrapped up in the bottom of a plastic bin along with a PS2, original Xbox, and an old laptop. I'm not thinking the 360 is going to join them until the very last couple of days at the house.


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