Sunday, March 02, 2008

Resistance 2...Cant' say I'm excited

While PS3 fans everywhere were putting Resistance: Fall of Man on a pedestal, I just couldn't join in. RFoM because an example as to why Blu-ray may not be a good thing for games; the game was dragged out too long.

Sony is trying to compare Resistance to Gears of War 2, but I have little faith in their apathetic take on Gears. They attempted to build similar hype about Killzone against Halo, which turned into a joke in theory and in execution. While Resistance is leaps and bounds above the original Killzone, it failed to have the replay value and intensity of Gears of War.

Behind the scenes, we know that the Gears vs Resistance conversation is driven by graphical comparison. Fans and big-wigs alike have somehow come to the conclusion that graphics are everything. While Resistance 1 looked good, Gears of War was undoubtedly a step above it. What Sony's Steinberg is really trying to say is that Resistance 2 should compare aesthetically to Gears 2. In execution, however, graphics won't be enough.

If Resistance 2's experience is anything like the bore of its predecessor, it won't even be in the same competing bracket as Gears. While the non-shooter-experienced Playstation fan is easily impressed, 360 fans have come to expect a lot more. Regardless of console preference a good game will go noticed by peers. Even now that PS3 fans have experienced Call of Duty 4 and Rainbow 6, it's hard to imagine even PS3 gamers giving Resistance much attention.

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