Saturday, February 23, 2008

Not time to buy Blu-ray yet says it may not be time to buy Blu-ray yet.

In short:

Prices are still too high
Prices will go down in time
Featuresets haven't propagated throughout hardware yet
Most users are happy with DVD (and upscaled DVD)

For those who want to watch HD movies:

Try Blockbuster or Netflix.

That sounds about right to me. However, I disagree that Blu-ray is always "night and day" when compared to DVD. I'll happily compare DVD and Blu-ray on my 1080p television. There is a difference, but it's only really noticeable in scenes with little movement. During action...the High Def matters little, or if you are further than 20 feet away from the TV.

No rush, but if you want HD movies now, grab a PS3. It's your best bet.

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