Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lost Odyssey: Better than they'd have you believe

Unfortunately, I'm overloaded with projects right now, but I had to make a few quick comments.

My room mate is playing Lost Odyssey right now. The negative aspects that websites have been pointing out don't seem to exist so far. One place (can't remember) was complaining of 20 second loading sequences per battle. More like 3-5, which we've become acustomed to from FF. The music? The victory song doesn't sound anything like the FF one. The graphics? We're stuck on 1080i right now (the bulb burned out on my DLP), but that's not a biggie. It looks solid.

The gameplay is a bit more classic, but I wouldn't compare it to SNES-era. PS1/PS2 era FF seems a bit more accurate. Yes, it seems standard fare, but not standard fare from a decade and a half ago.

The game is progressing quite well, so I'm beginning to think the reviewers were desperate to pick the game apart. It blows Blue Dragon away, that's for sure. We'll see if my opinion stays taut as he moves through the game.


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