Saturday, February 16, 2008

ALIENS: Colonial Marines to be covered by GI

I caught wind that an ALIENS was coming, but we've not heard much about it.

Kotaku reveals the titles of the upcoming game and that GI will have the coverage in its next issue. Sure, Red Faction 3 and GoW: Chains of Olympus will be in there as well, but I certainly don't care.

With my nerd-hat officially on, I can say that ALIENS: Colonial Marines was a 10 issue comic book series (cut down from 12). Unfortunately, I haven't pulled my comic books out in almost a decade so I don't recall the story. According to that link, this is a revival of a canned game from 2001.

And with no regret, I will say that I'm dropping all other games as soon as this game is released. The ALIENS world has yet to be capitalized on properly since the wonder-FPS AVP2.


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