Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gamestop reserved Chains of Olympus for me without permission

So I received a phone call in the middle of band practice tonight. It was from an odd number, so I ensure to hush up the guys from their fiddling.

"Aeris" from Gamestop, how your name brings back memories. You know what? I wasn't sad when she died. I liked Tifa better anyway. LOL

According to them, I had reserved God of War: Chains of Olympus. Talk about a surprise! The truth is that I don't like the PSP that much and I certainly don't like God of War enough to reserve it. They must have pulled a quick one on me and somehow interpreted a "Yes" out of my shunning of their usual Do-you-want-to-reserve barrage.

Confession: I just bought a slim PSP for the TV out. But this was for two purposes: Crisis Core and AVPR. That's it. The God of War demo was interesting and all, but I'm in no rush to buy the game. I guess I'll have to go apply the money toward AVPR.

*shakes fist at Gamestop*

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