Friday, March 21, 2008

Just visiting?

Fish is in the air at my other blogging assignment. Big changes are afoot, but I cannot talk about them here.

I'm moving this weekend, and I expect to be quite busy. I'm actually mostly moved, but there's a lot going on. I might have to move my room mate out as well since he's not "Just Visiting" on the Monopoly board. The hope was that in the late hours I could squeeze a couple of posts by.

Since the other guys have all posting on hold, I may actually have a chance to use this site as originally intended: for the gaming news I find interesting. This of course will be temporary, but I just renewed the domain so I don't plan on throwing my self-titled debut in the trash any time soon.

Work has enslaved me for the week, so my Google Reader was stuffed mess. Hopefully I'll get a chance to comment on the recent stories that caught my eye. I did find this awesome review/walkthrough of the original Ninja Gaiden!

"See you next!"


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