Monday, March 17, 2008

Army of Two is a snooze-fest

From the trailers and the commercials, it is easily assumed that Army of two is a high-impact 3rd person shooter. We expect nothing less from a trailer than showing us the highlights in a way that opens our respective wallets' gullets.

I can't recall an engaging two-player co-op game since Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Sure, there's Halo and others, but usually teamwork isn't as much of a focus as it could be. I'm talking two people, who rely on each other and progress is impeded without cooperation.

Army of Two gets the team-play idea right, but the implementation lacks the spark of intensity. While the graphics are impressive, the sound, and firefights don't match. AOT seems to have the slowest monotone machine guns in the world. The weapon sounds are near indicative of shooting through the Matrix drown in a pillow. Even with hundreds of watts of surround sound, the immersion just isn't there.

I commend EA for bringing us a new IP. The franchise could have a future. The mechanics of play and graphical fidelity were spot on. The lighting effects are superb and believable. But fire the sound team and speed up the action!


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