Thursday, March 27, 2008

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core introductory Minutes

Due to task overload, I haven't had a chance to play Crisis Core until this morning. I wanted to delve into it last night, but my slim PSP wasn't charged enough to do the required update.

This morning, I plugged my PSP into my 27" Westinghouse LCD and was quickly reminded why we keep getting sucked into Square-Enix games. The pre-rendered FMV's were gorgeous for the PSP. Full of action, and in my third favorite FF universe (preceded by FF8 and FF10).

Once gameplay came along, the graphics stepped down a few notches since we were no longer pre-rendered. However, for a PSP title, they are still impressive. The music and voicework complemented Advent Children well.

The gameplay itself was very basic albeit acceptable. Dodge, block and action. You select attack, spells, or items in real time then use the action button to perform it. This isn't derivitive of the original game at all, but it's not supposed to be. Since it's 90% about story with these games anyway, I think I'll still enjoy it.

I'll do a review once I get a chance to actually play the game.


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